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Rank Name Profession/Education Age Gender
1 Ali Fadhil Ali Medical Doctor/preparing for PhD In pediatrics 34 Male
2 Mohammed Fadhil Ali Dentist 35 Male
3 Nidhal Taha Ali Elementary School Teacher 43 Female
4 Ammar Sami Computer Engineer 34 Male
5 Ihsan Adnan Bachelors in Information Technology 34 Male
6 Huda Abdul-Mun’im Shakir Gynecologist/High Diploma In gynecology 39 Female
7 Ayad Ali Eissa Business man 57 Male
8 Imad Wasfi Hameed Radiologist MD 52 Male
9 Salma Hatem Hammoodi Pharmacist/High Diploma In Pharmacology 55 Female
10 Ghassan Adnan Jabbar Dentist 33 Male
11 Maha Mohammed Zaki Highschool teacher/Bachelor's in Arab literature 33 Female
12 Ahmed Dawood Abdul-Raheem Bachelor's in Physical training 36 Male




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