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Iraqi’s first fully democratic legislative body will be called the National Assembly. Candidates that have won enough votes to be elected will be taking office sometime in January or February of 2005. More information on the National Assembly election process can be found here.

The National Assembly will consist of a single house with 257 members. Under advice from the United Nations, elections will be based on a proportional representation which means a party need only get 1/257 (0.36%) of the vote to win at least one seat in the National Assembly. It is hoped that even small parties will have a chance to win a seat and allow all Iraqis to feel they have a voice in the new government.

A downside of proportional representation is that even marginal and radical groups will have a good chance of gain one or more seats. Whether Iraq continues to use a proportional voting system will be something the National Assembly will decide as it begins drafting Iraq’s new constitution.




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