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Besides the obvious of making a donation, there are many ways to help the Iraqi Pro-Democracy Party (I.P.D.P.):
  • Make people aware there is a pro democracy movement in Iraq by posting in newsgroup, message boards, and other blogs about the party and providing links to Omar’s and Mohammed’s blog

  • Encourage blogs that you read on a regular basis to include links to and . There's a page here that can help you with linking to us.

  • Contact your local news media and ask them to do a story on the I.P.D.P. You can also write letters to the editor, this is an excellent way to get the word out! For those living in the U.S.A. here is a page to help you find local news stations and newspapers.

  • Make a point of calling your local political talk radio show and letting people know how to find out more about the pro democracy movement in Iraq.

  • If you live in a democracy outside Iraq, write and email your politicians and let them know you support the Iraqi Pro-Democracy Party. Ask them what they are doing to help promote democracy in Iraq. You can find contact information for your local officials .
If you want to give even more of your time and join the party as a volunteer, please contact us using one of the following three email addresses:
If you are an Iraqi living inside Iraq, please contact us at:

If you live outside Iraq, speak and write Arabic, please contact us at:

If you live outside Iraq, don’t speak Arabic, and want to help:




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